Our Cleaning Process

Carpet equipment – Truck Mounted Steam

Our Steam Unit has the ability to clean at nearly 250 degrees. The RX20 Rotary rx20machine that we use in conjunction with the truck mount gives us the ability to remove more water and clean your carpet much more efficiently than traditional carpet wands.

We at Spot Free Cleaning Services feel the HydraMaster RX-20 HE (High-Efficiency) is the best state of the art tool for cleaning carpets. We use this equipment on 95 percent of our jobs.

This powerful rotary extraction tool features 5 rotating spray jet heads and vacuum ports that deliver over 650 cleaning passes per minute. The unique rotating action of the head cleans each carpet fiber from five different angles. That’s right – this machine does in one minute what would take five techs all working at the same time to achieve!

The RX-20 is completely self-propelled and smoothly glides over carpet. Each vacuum/spray jet head is independently suspended by a flexible spring arm, so the occasional change in pile height or uneven spot on the floor won’t slow you down one bit.

The incredible scrubbing action of the RX-20 releases even the most deeply embedded soils while fluffing and restoring carpet fibers. Carpets are left cleaner, softer, and dry faster – all with a fraction of the effort.

The RX-20 is great for any job, but where it really shines and earns its keep is on those really nasty, heavily soiled carpets, such as those found in commercial facilities or rental properties.

After just one use, you’ll see why the RX-20 is hailed as one of the best rotary tools in the industry. It’s strong, sturdy, reliable, durable, and comes with a proven track record.


Our Upholstery Cleaning Service utilizes the Truck Mount Steam system for the ultimate cleaning power and the shortest time to dry.

Tile and Grout

We begin by pre treating and scrubbing your grout and then use our Tile and Grout cleaning machine. The SX-12 Tile Cleaner is equipped with a dome that keeps tile and groutwater from spattering all over your kitchen while underneath it blasts away the dirt with very high pressure and at a high temperature of around 250degrees while simultaneously scrubbing with it’s built in bristles underneath the dome. This is a very effective way to clean tile and get it back to as good as new.

Flood Restoration

The State of the art Tes Drying System gives us the ability to have most homes dry (exceptions granted) inside a 24-48 hour period. Call To Discuss Our Flood Restoration Services and We Can Help You With Your Individual Needs.
Also see our 24 hour Emergency Response information for Flood Restoration and Emergency Water extraction.